Need a heavy duty construction trailer, landscape trailer, or general purpose commercial grade trailer? From Hay Haulers to Hot-Shotters, Oil Fields to Crop Fields, Diamond C trailers are in their element. Whether it’s our legendary Fleetneck series or the entry level Ranger series, our trailers provide maximum strength, maximum durability, and maximum value in mind. Customize your next work trailer with us. Dare to compare the “King of the Road” with the competition!

45HDT 20' X 82" 16' TILT 4' STATIONARY, 7,000 lb axles

No ramps to move, unlatch, tilt, and load.


FMAX210 30' X 102" MAX RAMPS, 10,000 lb axles

When others fail, the FMAX prevails.


18EEQ 24’ x 82" GOOSENECK, 7,000 lb axles

Full width tool box, extra wide ramps.

FMAX210 32’ x 102" 9’ Hydraulic Dovetail 2 10,000 lb Hydraulic Jack 

The FMAX210 is designed and constructed to perform dependably under the heaviest of loads, in the most demanding applications.

FMAX207 25’ x 102" MAX RAMPS, 7,000 lb axles

When others fail, the FMAX prevails.

12CHS 20’ x 83" 7,000 lb axles, deluxe steel floor car hauler

When attention to detail and fit and finish matter most, the 12CHS is your show trailer.

14TUT 18’ x 82" 5,200 lb axles

Great for mid-sized tractors and equipment. Exceptionally versatile.


2PSA 12’ x 77" 3,500 lb axle, bi-fold ramp gate, ATV package

The ultimate single axle utility trailer. Many options and configurations to choose from. 

RSA 10’ x 60" 3,500 lb axle, single axle utility trailer

A higher standard of economy.


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